The thirty-fourth issue (Volume 20) of The Crow's Nest, the CAGB's Journal, was sent to members in February 2022. This issue was for the membership year 2021-22. It is planned that Volume 21 will be published in June 2022 . A synopsis of previous issues are on the Index page.

This edition was 48 pages and produced with a full colour front and back cover and featured the art of Michael Donahue and Joe Grandee.

The Crow's Nest is now published annually. Its content is dependent on members contributions but includes short articles, book and film reviews, news of events both in the UK and the USA. Contributions should be forwarded to Kevin Galvin, who is the Editor

The next issue will be sent to members who have paid their subscription for 2022 (1 January 2022 - 31 December 2022).

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