Real Bird Re-Enactment 2009

Once again I found myself attracted to the Real Bird Re-enactment in 2009. It's historical precedent may not be as accurate as one is led to believe when listening to the commentary, which at least remains consistent from year-to-year with a bit of ad-hoc additional material thrown in. What makes it great fun is the fact that it takes place at Medicine Tail Coulee where some have argued Custer was fatally wounded causing a sudden withdrawal from the village. It is also the site used in the film Little Big Man. Is it better than the other event in Hardin is a good question. Personally I like them both but if you only have time to see one then the Real Bird event should be it. The highlight in 2009 was a parachute landing by members of the U.S. Army. No doubt Custer would have welcomed reinforcements from the air in 1876.

Photographs - Kevin Galvin

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