The Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Saturday, 4th 0ctober 2003 in the Rutland Room, Royal Over-Seas League, Park Place, London SW1A 1LR at 3.00 p.m. This year everyone present took lunch and altogether sixteen members and guests attended.  

Present were: John Brucass (Wellington, Somerset); Michael and Mary Christian (Kendal); Kevin Galvin (Kingston-upon-Thames); Michael Hancock (Shaftesbury); Peter Harrison (Southampton); David Jackson (Surbiton); Barry C Johnson (Birmingham); Rex and Rosemary Pope (Reading); Richard Pratt (Stockton-on-Tees) and his son David; Peter Russell (Bexleyheath); Francis Taunton (Bromley); Colin Taylor (Hastings); and Bob Wybrow (Bromley). The main attraction to this AGM. was an interesting illustrated talk on the life and times of Jesse James, given by Bob Wybrow.  The lecture and subsequent discussion lasted for more than an hour and cut short the auction that followed. At the meeting members also purchased the new Society shirts and ties (which proved very popular) and, together with the proceeds from the auction, we raised £114.  During the business part of the meeting the Society office-holders delivered their reports (see below) and office-holders for 2003/2004 were re-elected. (See below.) Those attending dispersed at around 6.00. 

A note on the AGM: All members are entitled to attend the AGM free of charge, irrespective of whether or not they take lunch.  (There is a buttery on the premises, which serves snacks and a three-course meal).  We take lunch in our own room partly because in this way we avoid a room-hire charge, and also because this furnishes us with an opportunity to enjoy a meal together.  But, please do remember, everyone is welcome to attend the meeting even if they do not take lunch!

Listening to Bob Wybrow's talk: Rosemary and Rex Pope

Richard Pratt with Mike and Mary Christian

David Pratt, Michael Hancock, David Jackson and Peter Russell Peter Harrison and Richard Pratt


The Secretary’s Report

New Members' Information Pack

Information packs are still sent to new members. Currently we have sufficient stocks of folders to cover the next twelve months. New members receive a good deal with these as the full cost of a pack including postage, which contains the folder, the latest Brand Book and Tally Sheet, the Charter, our publications booklet and a list of previous publications is very nearly the value of the first year’s subscription!  The cost of sending these is not borne out of Society funds. We will be considering better ways of maintaining contact with members in the future.


The site was last updated in mid-July and is therefore currently out of date. This was due to pressure of other commitments. The site should be updated very shortly and I plan to return to the monthly update as soon as possible.  We plan to put a selection of past articles on the web-site during the coming year to give potential members an idea of what we publish in the Society.

During the year we have purchased specially designed Society ties and polo-neck shirts to celebrate our coming 50th Anniversary and details of these are being circulated to members and also appear on our web-site.               

Westerners International

We have had no official communication with overseas Corrals during the past year, so far as I am aware.  (KEG)  

Editorial Reports

The Tally Sheet

During the last year three issues of the Tally Sheet, comprising Volume 48 have been mailed to members. These three magazines have contained five articles and 36 book reviews. Articles are always needed and although I have several in hand I do not have enough to complete Volume 50. Therefore, once again, I am appealing to members to send articles to me. I particularly need Indian based articles, as these have always been in short supply – in fact they have been conspicuous by their absence during the past few years.  I need hardly remind members that no articles either means a smaller Tally Sheet, or even possibly no Tally Sheet at all!

Review copies from publishers have also been in short supply this year. During this period I have received a mere handful and the majority of these have been the result of a direct request to publishers for a copy of a book I have seen mentioned either in the press or magazines. The Society has always prided itself on the quality of its reviews, so once again can I ask members to send me reviews of books they have purchased. A quick note or e-amil to let me know what is coming would help, as this would enable me to inform other members if a review of a particular book is being submitte.

One matter of concern to many members was the sudden closure of Jim Dullenty’s Rocky Mountain House bookstore. Several memebrs have written to me for information concerning Jim’s whereabouts as he owes them either books or refunds.  Jim had told me that he was returning to journalism in Lewiston, Montana, but he gave me no address.  After a great deal of e-mailing and correspondence I have, at last, managed to track him down. He can be contacted at 714 Second Avenue, Lewistown, Montana 59457.

Finally, I must thank the committee for all their help during the year and, in particular, Chuck Parsons, Dennis Cross, Allan Radbourne, Bob Munkres, Roy O’Dell and Mary Christian for their articles and all members who submitted reviews. Their help has been greatly appreciated. (TW)

Printed Publications:   

The Brand Book 

Recent Brand Books have been doing well with both Apache Pass and our first colour production The Saffron Walden Scalplock Shirt already going into reprint due to additional demand calls.

The 2002-2003 Brand Books have been replaced with our tenth Special Publication, More Sidelights of the Sioux Wars (q.v.).

Currently in hand for 2003-2004, we have Bob Wybrow’s work on the Liberty Bank robbery, to be followed by Francis Taunton’s paper on the encounter between the Nez Perce at the Big Hole. The planned Special and 50th Anniversary Publications may affect the timing of Brand Books from the summer of 2004, but members will continue to receive with Special Publications or Brand Books on a regular basis.

Another manuscript is in hand for consideration, being the curiously titled Fred Takes the Biscuit, an account of Sergeant Dodge and the Panatano train robbers. With a length of 30,000, there is currently some question as to whether this will appear in a Brand Book, or make a suitable Special Publication for the future. (PH)

Special Publications   

Our 10th Special Publication, now entitled More Sidelights of the Sioux Wars, is now virtually completed and we are awaiting final printers’ adjustments. There has some delay in recent weeks owing to the printer’s illness, pressure of work and holidays, but it is confidently expected that the volume will appear early in 2004. As originally proposed, this would have contained 200 pages. However, earlier this year it was decided to carry forward part of the material to appear in the Golden Jubilee Publication, reducing the overall length to 96 pages. Instead of appearing as a limited edition and available by purchase, copies will be distributed to members as part of their subscription.

The Society will be 50 years old in November 2004, and to commemorate this half-century of achievement we shall be publishing one or more special Golden Jubilee Publications. We shall keep members informed of our proposals for these.  (FBT)

The Treasurer’s Report   

As will be seen from the financial summary below the results for the year to 31st August 2002 we had another reasonable surplus, but prior year results had to be adjusted for the expensive issue of the 2000-2001Brand Book. Overall the Society continues to hold adequate reserves. 

Generally costs remain stable and we enjoyed an unusually high level of sales from the sales of back issues of Brand Books, together with sales of the three volumes in the British Custeriana Series. The number of members has shown a net decrease during the year. At 31 August 2003 the state of the Society membership was as follows: Honorary Officers - 4; Honorary members - 2; Founder members – 2; Committee members – 7; members and associates – 170. Total: 185. (2002:194).  (RJW)








Members subscriptions


2,240 2,093

Sales of publications

197 250 497

Miscellaneous income

204 192 190


2,498 2,682 2780


Printed publications

900 1,220 1,250

Tally Sheet

568 515 535


267 189 374


618 585 473


2,353 2,509 2,632


145 173 148
Cash at Bank 3,484 4,306 3,754
Publications (1,371) (1,863) (1,150)
Other Creditors (184) (322) (213)
Subscriptions received in advance (498) (433) (439)
NET ASSETS 1,431 1,688 1,952
Special Publications Fund 1,494 1,726 1,880
Members, Funds (Deficiency) (63) (38) 72
TOTAL RESERVES 1,431 1,688 1,952

Note: Stocks of Society Publications, polo shirts and ties are not include in the financial statements above 


Since September 2002 there have been three mailings March 2003; May, 2003 and July 2003. The mailings comprised the three Tally Sheets for 2001/2002, and the final issue of the Brand Book for 2000/2001. The mailings seem to be going smoothly, with just one or two copies of the publications “going missing” in the last year.  I am setting up new address labels and ask that everyone lets me know if there are any changes in their details, or if the current information has any errors in it. The next mailing is planned for the early part of 2004. (MC)

Executive Committee -2003/2004

The committee for 2003/2004 is as follows: 


Richard J. Pratt

51 Hartburn Avenue, Stockton on Tees, TS18 4ES

Vice Chairman

Francis B Taunton

90 Babbacombe Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3LS


Tom Wanless

29, The Tinings. Monkton Park, Chippenhain, Wilts. SN1S 3LY

Associate Editor

Peter Harrison

19 The Avenue, Southampton, Hants, 501 2SQ


Robert J Wybrow

15 Hurstwood Drive, Bromley, Kent, BR1 2W


Kevin E Galvin

130 The Keep, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, KT2 5UE

Associate Secretary Mary Christian 7 Kirkbarrow Lane, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 5DF


English Westerners' Society