Doggett's Coat and Badge played host, once again, to what has been described as one of the best meetings of the English Westerners’ Society! There was a plethora of talks, which complemented each other in such a way that it seemed we had planned it that way! Members steadily arrived until our congregation neared thirty and we pretty much kept to time (well, up until afternoon tea, anyway!)


First, our chairman, Francis Taunton, led a lively look back to the days when comic strips and early films provided him with a love of the West and the inspiration to research further. We were even treated to some singing! Next, Michelle Pollard talked about the West in current primary education, explaining that although schools may have to be creative in its inclusion, the success of the Wild West Week proves people are still interested in the subject. This was followed by Susan Forsyth’s fascinating presentation on Colonel J. W. Forsyth, who commanded the 7th Cavalry at Wounded Knee and Drexel Mission. Lunch was then served in the Terrace Bar.


After lunch, Allan Radbourne talked to us about the 'Nostalgia of the West', drawing on his expertise in the West and movie history, and this was followed by the Society Auction and afternoon tea. Following this, Bob Wybrow told us about the way research has changed during the fifty years he has spent researching Jesse James, and finally Kevin Galvin led a discussion about D.F. Barry, frontier photography and an early disregard for copyright!


We had record takings at the AGM book auction and sale with a final figure of £217.00! Auction takings for the last few years have been between £100 and £130, so this is quite an achievement. Well done Kevin and thank you to all those who made a purchase!

A note on the AGM: All members are entitled to attend the AGM free of charge, irrespective of whether or not they take lunch.  (There is a buttery on the premises, which serves snacks and a three-course meal).  We take lunch in our own room partly because in this way we avoid a room-hire charge, and also because this furnishes us with an opportunity to enjoy a meal together.  But, please do remember, everyone is welcome to attend the meeting even if they do not take lunch!



At the start of the meeting members stood in silence in memory of Jeff Burton, our vice president who passed away in June.  The chairman also gave the meeting the latest information available on the condition of our President Joe Rosa, who is very poorly. [An update is included in the Society News section in the Tally Sheet and further updates will appear in the next Roundup.] 

Apologies for absence were received from Ray Cox, Graham Berry, Derek Batten, Stuart Tucker and Barry Johnson.

The chairman expressed his thanks to committee colleagues and to Mary Christian and her husband Mike, who handle our mailings.  

The meeting was then handed a summary report of the year's salient features and members were invited to raise any points on which further information and clarification was needed. One member asked why the notice of the meeting had not accompanied the recent mailing.  It was explained that owing to delays with our printer the mailing was sent out several weeks later than originally planned and we normally send out notices only 3-4 weeks prior to the meeting.  Most members received their notification by e-mail; fewer than forty were advised in writing. 

The chairman's term does not expire until October 2015; the remaining office-holders offered themselves for re-election and were all duly-re-elected to serve for another term. FBT



There was one enquiry sent to me about membership during the year which resulted in the person joining the Society. There were no other enquiries from non-Society sources.

The bulk e-mail message system has been used a few times to forward messages of interest to members. Currently about 65 UK members and 34 overseas receive e-mail communications.

Another application was entered with Westerners International for their annual Heads Up Award. This time we included the details of the 'Wild West Weekend' at Langney Primary School, East Sussex, together with the report from Michelle Pollard which was published in the Tally Sheet. RC




Tally Sheet: We have had a wide range of articles on offer and the Book Review section continues to be a prominent part of our publications. Thank you to all those who have contributed. The next issue will be our Diamond Jubilee edition, a bumper offering, which we aim to have out to members in November. Its contents are, at this present moment in time, a closely guarded secret!


For those of you interested in social media, our Facebook page continues to grow in popularity. We now have three hundred and seventeen followers of our posts. Many thanks to our editor, Gary Leonard, for doing a fantastic job! MP


The Brand Book: The last two years’ Brand Books have been as follows: Keith Robinson – Fist Fighting Out West: Wyatt Earp… (46.1); Kingsley Bray – The Itazipcho Hoop (46.2); Michelle Pollard – Witnesses to the Passing of a Legend (46.3); Francis Taunton – The Fighting Seventh at Canyon Creek (47.1); Bob Wybrow – Jim Cummings... (47.2&3). These seem to have been well received. I have a number of works in progress. The precise details of future Brand Books is still to be finalised, but the next volume, to be published in November, will be Allan Radbourne - Corporal Edward Scott, Frontier Cavalryman (48.1). After that, I have contributions from Chuck Parsons, Tom Cunningham, Keith Robinson, Roy O’Dell, Phil Robinson and Brian Keefe.


Diamond Jubilee Special Publications: I am proposing a three volume publication, the first to be Outlaw/Lawmen themed, another Indians/Indian Wars related and a print on demand version of Monahsetah. The submissions currently available for the Outlaw/Lawmen volume are; Chuck Parsons – Richard C. Ware v. George Herold…; Roy O’Dell – Jack Davis; Michelle Pollard – Jesse James’ Horses; Bob Wybrow – A Death in the Family; Jeff Burton – Oro Grande. It has been agreed that this will also be published on a print on demand basis. 


Peter Harrison’s biography of Monahsetah, the Cheyenne woman captured by Custer at the Washita in 1868 is nearly ready for printing and will also be available as a print on demand volume. GML




SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP:  This remains stable with a current membership of 163 made up as follows: Honorary Officers – 2; Founder members – 1;       Committee members – 7; Secretary to the Committee – 1; Full UK members – 107, Overseas associates – 45.









Members subscriptions

1,938 1,985 2,303

Sales of publications

418 520 233

Miscellaneous income /clothing/People of the Buffalo

148 276 864


2,504 2,781 3,400



Printed publications

753 1,085 1,070

Tally Sheet

540 580 582


824 1,097 1,158

AGM/Administration/Society Clothing

66 0 146


2,183 2,762 2,956


321 19 444
BALANCE SHEET AT   31 Aug 13 31 Aug 14
ASSETS (see Note)      
Bank Balance/Cash in hand 2,754 3,449 3,714
Publications 0 0 0
Other Creditors 0 0 0
Subscriptions received in advance (284) (934) (705)
NET ASSETS 2,470 2,515 3,009
Special Publications Fund 1,788 1,813 1,864
Members, Funds (Deficiency) 682 702 1,145
TOTAL RESERVES 2,470 2,515 3,009

Executive Committee -20014/2015


Francis B Taunton 90 Babbacombe Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3LS
Vice Chairman

Robert J Wybrow

76 Millfield Road, West Kingsdown, Kent, TN15 6BU

Vice Chairman

Kevin E Galvin

147 Lawrence Avenue, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 5NB


Gary Leonard Chetwynd, Birch Road, Chilworth, Southampton. SO16 7LN
Associate Editor Michelle Pollard 9 Belmont Court, Lindfield Drive, Hailsham, E. Sussex. BN27 2DQ


Barry Corbett Paddock Gill, Frog Lane, Bristol. BS40 9UN


Raymond Cox

4 Lulworth Close, Halesowen, West Midlands. B63 2UJ.

Note: Although no longer serving on the committee, Mary Christian, with the help of her husband Mike, kindly continues to mail our publications to members as before for which the committee are extremely grateful.


English Westerners' Society