Annual General Reports

58th AGM. The 58th Annual General Meeting was held at Doggett’s Coat & Badge, situated at the southern end of Blackfriars Bridge, overlooking the River Thames. As in the past, we had exclusive use of the terrace bar, where we socialised, took lunch and other refreshments, and the conference room, where we will held our meeting.

A short AGM where the committee was once again elected to serve another 12 month term of office was then followed by a series of presentations and auction. The six speakers who gave talks, touched upon a wide variety of subjects.  As we celebrate our Diamond Jubilee this year there was a greater emphasis on looking back over the past 60 years. Francis Taunton opened proceeding look backing to the days when comic strips and children’s annuals provided his knowledge of the West and how they stimulated further research. Michelle Pollard looked at the West in terms of current primary school education; and Susan Forsyth discussed the life and career of Colonel J. W. Forsyth who commanded the 7th Cavalry at Wounded Knee and Drexel Mission. After lunch Allan Radbourne looked back at earlier days in his research into the Apache Wars, and Bob Wybrow contemplated half a century on Jesse James. Finally Kevin Galvin, whose birth was one month after our founding gave a talk about D. F. Barry, the famous frontier photographer. For those of you who use Facebook you can find a selection of photographs from the day.



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