In the Spirit of John  C. Ewers ...




The Plains Indians of North America, Military Art, Warfare and Change Studies in 

Honour of John C. Ewers

Co-ordinated and Edited by the late Dr. Colin F. Taylor and Hugh A. Dempsey

This Festschrift will be produced in two volumes, the first has been published, the second was scheduled for publication in November 2004 but the untimely death of Colin Taylor  delayed publication which will now be April 2005.  Each volume is produced in A4 format, Volume 1 is 184 pages, heavily illustrated with many in colour.  Volume 2 is 254 pages with 160 Black and White and Colour illustrations. Both are soft bound.  

The contents of Volume 1 are as follows: 

John C. Ewers    Military Art of the Plains Indians
Hugh Dempsey Between Friends: Forty-five years of Correspondence from Blackfeet Country
Kingsley M. Bray Omaha Rendezvous: Ethnogenesis and Warfare at a Plains Indian Trade Centre
Barbara Feezor Buttes  Reading the Medicine Flowers: Mdewakanton Women and the Art of Survival
Winfield Coleman Feeding Skalps to Thunder: Shamanic Symbolism in the Art of the Cheyenne Berdache
Raymond D Mallie & Douglas R. Parks   Plains Indian Warfare
David F. Halaas & Andrew E. Masich The Cheyenne Dog Soldier Ledger Book: The Rope that Ties Memory to Truth
George P. Horse Capture The Blackfeet Willow Horse
Ake Hultkrantz & Christer Lindberg   The Last Battles between Blackfeet and Shoshone: As Remembered by Shoshone and Trappers
Carlin Marlouf  The Native American, Bear-in-the-Water (Hidatsa Warrior)
Castle McLaughlin   Lewis and Clark’s Mandan Robe: The Known and the Unknown
Joseph Medicine Crow Counting Coup and Capturing Horses (1920-1940)
Imre Nagy Insights into Cheyenne Heraldry: Shields of an Eighteenth-Century Cheyenne Visionary
Paul Raczka  Ohkiniksi: War Medicines of the Northwest Plains

Volume 2: The Silent Memorials: Artefacts as Culture and Historical Documents - Essays in Honour of John C. Ewers 

The contents include: 

D.Halaas/A.Maich Colin Taylor Obituary
Colin F. Taylor Foreword: Studying the North American Plains Indian
William R. Swaggerty Indian Trade Blankets: History and Symbolism of a Unique North American Tradition
Carolyn Corey

Coveted Stripes: The History and Use of Trade Cloth by the Plains Indians, c. 1800-1900 

James Hanson

When the Beads Changed 

Ted Brasser

The Wanderings of an Artist: Paul Kane Unmasked 

John C. Ewers

Sacred Silhouettes: Rawhide Effigies of the Plains Indians

Arni Brownstone

Bear Chief’s War Deed Tipi 

Candace S. Green

Fort Marion and the Florida Boys, Rethinking the Named Indian Artist

John Painter

Moths and Plains Indian: Their Fascinating Connection 

Michael Johnson

Wanata’s Costume in Edinburgh: An Early Example of Yanktonai Sioux Ceremonial Costume

Allen Chronister

Berlandiers Comanche Game Bag, Revisited

Colin F. Taylor

Woven Quillwork: Distribution and Style

Joyce Herold

Lakota Horse Masks

Mary A. Helland

Picking up Ewers’ Trail, Fort Peck Reservation Assiniboines

James L. Dempsey

Blackfeet Painted Panels of Glacier National Park

Paula Fleming

Photographing the Plains Indian: Ridgeway glover at Forts Laramie and Phil Kearny 1866  

Joanna Scherer & Vicki Simon

Red Cloud’s Manikin and His Uncle’s Shirt; Historical Representation in the Museum as Seen through Photo Analysis

George P. Horse Capture From Reservation to Museum: The Travels of a Native American Ethnographer 
Fraser J. Pakes Dentallium and Plains Aesthetics
plus others ....  

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