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Lieutenant Henry O. Flipper receives President Clinton's pardon - a century too late!


Read the background to this historical decision in:

Ho, For the Great West!

And other Original Papers to mark the

25th Anniversary of the English Westerners' Society

Edited by Barry C. Johnson

Published in 1980 as our sixth Special Publication, this work is perhaps the longest we have ever produced. Very few copies of the paperbound edition remain but the Society still holds a fair number of the hardboard edition. This contains 8 articles, runs to 226 pages, including maps and illustrations. The authors will be well-known to students in their respective fields.

Flipper's Dismissal (Barry C. Johnson) - This substantial article (more than 90 pages) thoroughly describes and discusses the court-martial of Lieutenant Henry Flipper who had the distinction of being the first black graduate from West Point - and the first black officer to be dismissed from the service.    


Some Reflections on the West and the Westerners (Don Russell) - Well known Chicago Westerner, one of the leading authorities on 'Buffalo Bill' Cody, and our Society President for more than twenty years, discusses the transatlantic fascination with the American West.

Ho, For the Great West!" (Colin Taylor) .- This internationally renowned authority on the American Indian contributed a major article on William H. Blackmore, an English explorer of the West in the 1860s and 1870s encountering, and photographing members of many Plains tribes.

These Were the Regulators  (Philip J. Rasch) - Another former President of the English Westerners' and one of the leading authorities on the Lincoln County War, here presents biographies of the McSween-Tunstall-Chisum faction.

Captain Hatfield and the Chiricahuas (Allan Radbourne) - Allan is a veteran contributor to our coverage of. the Apache Wars; here he recounts the experiences of Captain Charles A. P. Hatfield, 4th Cavalry, who served in Arizona from 1884 to 1886.

James Clements: A Peripheral Gunfighter (Chuck Parsons) - This prolific contributor to our publications here presents the story of a little known Texas gunfighter of the 1870s.

The Concordia Bank Robbery (Robert J. Wybrow) - Our resident authority on Jesse James recounts the story of the 1878 bank robbery 'which, although it was probably committed by the gang, is rarely mentioned in the standard biographies.

A Scene of Sickening, Ghastly Horror" (Francis B. Taunton) - Expanded in later years this article was his first version of the evaluation of the physical evidence on the Custer field and its contribution to our understanding of Custer's final battle.

English Westerners' Society Special Publication No. 6


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