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Baronet in an Earth Lodge


The Life of Sir St. George Gore and his "Singular Adventures" in the Great West


Barry C. Johnson

 The Gore Range, Colorado

The life of this particular character demonstrates a curious parallel with the film of  A Man Called Horse, insofar as Irish actor Richard Harris played an English Milord at large as a game hunter in the Old West.

Here we we have a real-life Irish Baronet, anglicised by an education at Winchester and Oxford, who conducted perhaps the greatest 'safari' in the history of the Western States.

Some quotations from the text rather speak for themselves: -

'Say eight million dollars at present-day values - a suitably fabulous expenditure for a legendary expedition'

'It is reported that he killed more big game in America than any man of his time'.

' - like a bat, makes his appearances about evening'

Barry Johnson guides us through the life of this eccentric hunter on both sides of the Atlantic, dealing with the many outrageous yarns as he goes.  Jim Bridger , for instance, claims that Gore hired 800 Indians to cut down a forest so that his 21 crimson carriages could pass.  More tales concern powder - wigged servants to shave and bathe Milord whilst on the trail, where he had not troubled to gather placer gold in open view because he already had "'plenty of it"!

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