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Deadly Days in the Old West

More Vignettes in Violence

Edited By Gary Leonard


A Misdeal (1897) by Frederic Remington

Deadly Days in the Old West: More Vignettes in Violence, is the second volume in The English Westerners' Society publications to celebrate its Diamond Jubilee. The publication is dedicated to Joseph George Rosa (the President of the Society 1996-2014) who died in 2015 and Jeffrey Burton (Vice-President 1998-2014) who death was in 2014. It is a collection of carefully researched accounts of the bad men of the Old West and their nefarious ways, all written by Society members with international reputations as experts in their fields. The book is 201 pages including Foreword by Robert J. Wybrow, illustrations and notes and contains the following articles:

  • How Nice It Would Be to Rob A Train: The Oro Grande Conspiracy and its Melancholy Outcome by Jeffrey Burton

  • Richard C. Ware v. George Herold and the End of the Sam Bass Gang by Chuck Parsons

  • Did Jesse James' Horses Perform in a Circus? by Michelle Pollard

  • Jack Davies and the Comstock Train Robberies by Roy O'Dell

  • A Death in the Family by Robert J. Wybrow

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