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The Winston Train Robbery and the End of an Outlaw


Robert J. Wybrow

Missouri Flag

In the days when newspaper proprietors still wrote editorials with a certain unconfined brio, John Edwards of The Sedalia Democrat concluded his piece on the death of Jesse James with a challenging graphic suggestion.  He said ' Tear the two bears from the flag of Missouri.  Put thereon in place of them as more appropriate a thief blowing out the brains of an unarmed victim, and a brazen harlot, naked to the waist, and splashed to the brows in blood'.

Mercifully, the bears still retain a firm grip on their position but the text provides Bob Wybrow with a title as he examines the closing days of the James gang and the motivation of the Ford brothers relative to their involvement in the death of Jesse James.

( Teasingly, of course, the exact status of Ms B Harlot remains a mystery.  One of our more irreverent members has put forward the suggestion that she was probably the outlaw's art consultant ).

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