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The Outlaw and the Lawman

Some Reminiscences of Cole Younger and Harry Hoffman 

Compiled and Introduced


Laura Heywood and Robert Wybrow


Cole Younger taken after the Northfield Raid


Harry Hoffman was a lawman in the Jackson County Marshal's Office from 1909-1917 and was an authority on some of the old time outlaws. He was born in 1873 and died in 1964. Laura Heywood who along with Robert Wybrow compiled this Brand Bok actually met Hoffman in 1959 when she was 13 years-old and corresponded with him until his death. Hoffman had been a friend of Jesse James Jnr and despite being a lawman was an admirer of Cole Younger. Hoffman was also the director and general manager of the company that produced the film that starred Jesse James Jnr, as his outlaw father and in which Harry played Cole Younger. This collection of reminiscences of this old-timer is probably the most complete collection published.

English Westerners' Society Brand Book Volume 40 No. 2

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