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Cheyenne Woman Warrior


Peter Harrison



Mochi: Cheyenne Woman Warrior by the late Peter Harrison. Peter as many members will be aware died on the 31 January 2009. He had been working on his book about Monasetah and his research had produced a wealth of information on the Southern Cheyenne. This book is a result of some of that research and was finalised by Gary Leonard who took over editorial control of the Brand Book after Peter's untimely death. It is a fascinating account of this Cheyenne woman who was as fierce as any warrior. With her husband  Medicine Water, she was responsible for the death of five members of the German family (the parents and three of seven children) and capture and taking into captivity of four surviving female members. The attack on this immigrant family took place on the 11th September 1874 on the West Kansas Plains.

English Westerners' Society Brand Book Volume 42 No. 3

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