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Aspects of Lakota Leadership


Two articles by the late Joseph Balmer and Kingsley Bray



This publication contains two short articles. The first is by the late Joseph Balmer (1914-2006), a native of Switzerland and one of the founder members of the English Corral of Westerners in 1954 (now the English Westerners' Society). Joe was an acknowledged expert on the Indian Wars and based his views from the Indian side of the conflict, although he was certainly not uncritical. Joe also could read and write Lakota and had corresponded in his younger days with many old-time warriors. His paper introduced by Barry Johnson is about the leadership of the Brule Sioux (Sichangu or Burnt Thighs) from the mid-1700s to 1825 The latter date is when on the 22nd June 1825 Brule headmen/tribal leaders signed a treaty of peace and friendship with the United States. The second article is by Kingsley Bray on Sitting Bull and Lakota Leadership, Sitting Bull is perhaps the most iconic Indian leader on the Plains and achieved a unique status among his people, the Hunkpapa tribal division of the Teton Sioux or Lakota. His article describes the structure of the Hunkpapa bands, tribal and national-level organisation, historical developments between 1800-1851 and through into the 1860s.

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