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Henry Starr And His Era


Roy O'Dell and David Murray



It is not a definitive account of the life of the outlaw Henry Starr but as well has providing information on his criminal career it also provides a great deal of information on his known associates from the start of his career in crime in 1891. During his 32 years in crime Henry Starr robbed more banks than both the James-Younger and the Doolin-Dalton gang's put together. As just a teenager in the Oklahoma Strip, Henry, the nephew of livestock rustler Belle Starr, received his initiation in crime at an early age. He started robbing banks on horseback in 1893 and ended up robbing his last in a car in 1921. In the late 1890’s he organised a gang that robbed a number of small banks in the Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas area. Starr shot and killed Floyd Wilson, a deputy of Judge Isaac Parker in 1903. For that murder he was sentenced to hang but eventually after two appeals and pleading guilty to manslaughter his sentence was reduced and he would be released after a pardoned in 1903.

Starr never seemed to able to give up his life of crime and he would return to prison on two further occasions. Finally after robbing a bank in Harrison, Arkansas on 18 February 1921, he was shot in the back by the former president of the bank. Starr received medical attention but died on 21 February 1921. Henry Starr is buried in the Dewey Cemetery north of Dewey, Oklahoma. There is no marker, but he is buried next to headstone labelled as ‘Baby Starr.’ Rather uniquely, although not the first, before his return to crime and death for the final time he had produced and starred in the silent movie, A Debtor to the Law, in 1919. The film was about the double bank robbery in Stroud, Oklahoma on the 27 March 1915 for which he received his last custodial sentence.

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