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Wyatt Earp - Fair and Square Referee?

Fist Fighting Out West II


Keith R. Robinson



Keith Robinson's Robinson first book about Fist Fighting Out West featured the fight between two heavyweight championship contenders fighting for the title after the abdication of James L. Corbett. The fight was won by Bob Fitzsimmons. Corbett came out of retirement and planned to fight Tom Sharkey in San Francisco. He pulled out of the fight and Fitzsimmons stepped in as his replacement prior to fighting Corbett himself at a later date. The fight took place on 2 December 1896. With no referee agreed by the day of the fight, Wyatt Earp who resided in the city was nominated by the Sharkey camp and the Fitzsimmon's camp saw no reason to object to this ex-lawman refereeing despite some warnings from others that the fight would be fixed. This account of the events surrounding that fight make interesting reading and the final result still remains controversial in boxing history.

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