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"Jim Cummings, the last of

the Jesse James gang"


Robert J. Wybrow


The real Jim Cummings


Robert Wybrow tackles the story behind the robbery of a St. Louis and San Francisco train on 25 October 1886 that was supposedly committed by Jim Cummings who had been a member of the Jesse James gang. Cummings participation in the robbery was claimed by David S. Fotheringham, the train's express messenger. As a result of this claim the newspapers were quick to provide details of Cummings past involvement with Jesse James, describing him as possibly the last member of the gang who could answer his name at a roll call with the exception of Frank James. Fotheringham's description of the robber and of the robbery itself didn't add up and there were those who suspected he knew more of the event than he was prepared to tell. This is a fascinating account of how the real Jim Cummings past association with the James gang was used to identify him as the the robber when the act itself was actually carried out by others.

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