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English By Birth, Scottish by Blood


Peter G. Russell and Leslie Hodgson



Photograph of the monument on Last Stand Hill where John Stuart Stuart Forbes is recorded as J. S. Hiley.

(Photograph courtesy Kevin Galvin)


A member of Custer's Seventh Cavalry, Trooper John Stuart Stuart Forbes, had enlisted as John S. Hiley on 22 January 1872 in New York. He was assigned to Company E; participated in the Yellowstone Campaign (1873); the Black Hills Expedition (1874); and killed with Custerís column at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. This publication is a fitting tribute to the memory of John Stuart Stuart Forbes particularly as 2016 marked the 140th anniversary of the battle where he gave his life for his adopted country. This volume also includes Letters to Private John S. Hiley by Leslie Hodgson and Peter G. Russell.

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