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The Battle of the Robe Entrenchments, Wolf Creek, and the Great Peace of 1840:


The Anatomy of War, Trade, and Diplomacy on the Southern Plains


Phillip Robinson



The Great Peace of 1840. Ledger art by Howling Wolf circa 1878-81. Late 20th century Cheyenne informants identified this as a representation of the second day of the ceremonies with the exchange of gifts, Cheyennes receiving horses from Kiowa's.

Courtesy Jocelyn Art Museum


In this book Phillip reminds us that although warfare between the tribes on the plains however bloody it might become, it was not necessary what tribes sought. Trade was a key component of of inter tribal relationships and only when diplomacy failed would a tribe resort to violence. This book examines this in the period 1837 and 1840 on the Southern Plains and in particular the Great Peace of 1840.

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