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A Man to Match a Mob


Douglas W. Ellison



On the night of the 14 April 1904 Azel Galbraith who had confessed to the cold-bloodied killing of his wife and son was being held in a cell in Gilpin County Courthouse in Central City, Colorado. Outside a mob had gathered and wanted to submit Galbraith to their brand of justice but Sheriff Thomas Cody stood on the steps of the courthouse and shouted to the crowd that he would shoot the first man who came up the steps. His oath of office meant despite whatever he may think of the killer he would defend him even at the cost of his own life if that should prove necessary.

Douglas Ellison tells the story behind this event and the background to the murders perpetuated by Galbraith who would be found guilty and hung for his crime on the 6 March 1905. Cody would go on to become the Mayor of Central City. He would die on 15 May 1926 aged 70 years-old. His obituary reminded readers of his dramatic facedown of the mob in 1904.

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